About Us

Kameleon opened doors for the first time in 1996 and has expanded to cover 5 continents and 4 shipping lanes… not.

Kameleon did openĀ its doors in 1996 and has continued to grow and evolve as the world moved from manual artwork preparation processes to the digital age. Keeping up with the evolution means that Kameleon is able to provide many more services at good prices in a short space of time.

Now you can order business cards, large format prints, banners, caps, printed mugsĀ just as easily as an outdoor sign or vehicle wrap. We’ll take care of the concept, design, finishing and application or installation of you great ideas.

Kathryn is the brains behind the operation and makes sure that the job gets done as required. Her experience in print stretches over 25 years ans she knows the importance of helping customers achieve their goals.

Please call or pop in so that we can take care of your requirements.

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